I share so many pictures of my kids and bulldogs with friends and family.  They feel that I don’t share enough.  My girls are so excited with the two french bulldogs we have, and hey want more.  I have told myself that i could not ever have more than 2 dogs.  Well I have 3 so far and I believe I want 2 more.  I though I would be done, but I am so in love with our frenchies and chihuahua.  We have purchased so much for them, they are officially apart of the family.  They have a special room with their beds, bean bags, bowls, and many more so that they can always be comfortable.  If anyone has seen how people can spoil their pets, then we are in that category.  If anyone has not had frenchies before, then they are the dogs to get if you love cuddling and smiles on a daily basis.  They are so adorable and hilarious!!